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Youth Sports Photography


We provide picture day services for youth sports leagues and dance troupes throughout the Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia region. Our programs are focused on value for parents, a generous rebate for the league, and lots of free extras!

Our low cost package fits the needs of many parents, and is sold by many of our competitors for much more. 
1 - Digital memory mate print
1 - 3" photo button
Price - $17.00


Free coach or sponsor appreciation plaque for each team*

Free family portraits for each coach

Free team photos for each coach/team manager

FAQs for Parents and Players

  1. What do I need to bring to picture day?
    A completed order form, with payment, uniform and a bat/ball/stick.
  2. Can I pick the package later?
    No. You must pick on picture day - but don't worry, if you want more you can always re-order.
  3. How can I re-order?
    Contact us at 410-212-8753 or sports@buchanan-studios.com.
  4. Do you post the images online?
    No. For privacy reasons, images are not posted unless specifically requested - and then only with a password.
  5. What if I'm not happy?
    We'll either reshoot it, or refund your purchase price.
  6. There was an error in my order, what do I do?
    Contact us at 410-212-8753 or sports@buchanan-studios.com - we'll make it right
  7. How long do orders take to come in?
    Usually about 4 weeks from picture day.
  8. What payment methods are accepted?
    Cash and checks can go in the order envelope, credit cards accepted at the check-in table.
  9. We missed our team photo, can you photoshop my child into the group?
    Probably not. We can try, but no promises. 
  10. What do we do if it rains?
    We'll coordinate with the league to pick a rain date - check with your league officials.

FAQs for coaches and leagues

  1. How many photographers will you bring?
    It varies from league to league based on the schedule, but usually, it's two photographers, plus a table runner to coordinate.
  2. How much will our league make in rebates?
    We allow our partner leagues to select their rebate amount. Usually between $3 and $5 per package.
  3. How are pictures delivered?
    Standard delivery is to the league coordinator (separated into teams) but we can do home delivery to the customer (Adds $5 s&h to each order.)
  4. How long does it take to shoot each team.
    Depending on which sport - between 15 and 30 minutes per team.  
  5. How do parents get the order forms?
    About 2 weeks before our scheduled picture day, we'll send blank forms to the league coordinator for distribution.
  6. One of my coaches forgot to hand out forms beforehand, will you have extras?
    Absolutely. Just see the table attendant on picture day.
  7. How long do the orders take to come in?
    Usually about 4 weeks from picture day.
  8. What about rain outs?
    We'll work with you to schedule a rain date in the coming weeks. 
  9. Do you offer make-up sessions?
    Yes, usually about 5 weeks or so after the original picture day we can do a make-up and retake session.
  10. How do I sign up?
    Contact us at 410-212-8753 or sports@buchanan-studios.com.